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Sep 16 2019

From gadgets to gear, five hot new golf products introduced at Orlando golf show – National

ORLANDO, FLA — Tens of thousands of people involved with the sport of golf descend on Orlando’s sprawling Orange County Convention Center each year to see the latest and greatest from a game obsessed with the latest and greatest.

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  • New golf gear, gadgets make perfect Father’s Day gifts

The 2015 PGA Merchandise Show, which ran last week, didn’t disappoint. From shoes that are said to increase energy transfer and make it easier to walk a course, to elaborate software designed to track every shot you hit on the course, and a robot that will teach you how to hit better golf shots, there were plenty of intriguing offerings throughout the show.

Here are five new golf endeavours you’ll need to try out in 2015:

Cool gadgets:

Arccos Golf — Not a club or new piece of clothing, Arccos is a system that connects every golf club in your bag through Bluetooth to your phone, allowing you to track every shot you hit over the course of a round. Every club has a simple sensor that attaches easily to the end of the grip and in turn you’re provided with distances, club averages, and other critical data. Not inexpensive — the system retails for $449.99 in Canada and can be purchased at Best Buy — the eyes of golf instructors lit up when I told them of the possibilities of the Arccos. The only downside is that Arccos can’t be used in tournaments as it provides real time information. If that’s a concern, consider Game Golf, a similar device that is a little more complicated, but less expensive and provides similar information.

New rocks:

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball: A ball with a compression usually aimed at senior golfers, Callaway says it has created a product with a soft feel around the greens that has low spin off the driver. That’s golf’s Holy Grail. The company says its “Soft Fast Core” is key to the product, and staff player Phil Mickelson has been raving about it since he first hit it.

Hot kicks:

Adipower Boost (men and women): adidas Golf announced its latest shoe at the show, with the key ingredient being “Boost,” a cushioning system the shoemaker says will offer maximum energy return and unrivaled comfort. “Boost” is actually a foam cushioning system comprised of thousands of TPU energy capsules fused together, and the company says it stores and releases energy in a way that is new to the shoe industry.

Cool inventions:

Snap Cam Headcover: Created by a former hockey player turned golfer from Burnaby, BC, this smart product was at the back of the massive Orange County Convention Center, an area where new products are introduced. Many are created by dreamers who mortgaged their houses in support of a new putter they say will help you make more putts. Not the case with the Snap Cam Headcover. Ever wanted to tape your swing for your golf instructor when you were alone on the range? Snap Cam allows you to easily attach your phone to your driver’s headcover and swivel it so it acts as a tripod. Clever and simple.

The Snap Cam Headcover.

Robert Thompson

Swinging robots:

RoboGolfPro: At a booth in the middle of the merchandise show sat the RoboGolfPro, with its electronic arms guiding students through swings. Not entirely new — the device was at last year’s show — the RoboGolfPro lets a trainer program it to allow a golfer to feel what the company says is the perfect golf swing by guiding the club while you hold it. There was a lineup every time I walked by, and there’s a RoboGolfPro at Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville, Ont. if you’d like to give the concept a try.

The RoboGolfPro.

Robert Thompson


Sep 16 2019

2 more firefights between Canadian forces and ISIS as critics warn of mission creep – National

WATCH ABOVE: Captain Paul Forget of the Royal Canadian Navy confirmed Monday that Canadian special forces have exchanged gunfire with ISIS members twice in the past week. Vassy Kapelos reports.

TORONTO – Canadian Forces exchanged fire with ISIS forces in “self-defence” in two more incidents since the last briefing on the country’s involvement in the mission against Islamic State militants in Iraq.

Navy Captain Paul Forget said Monday that since last week’s event during which Canadian special forces returned fire “after being engaged” by ISIS, two similar events occurred.

“In both cases, Canadian special operations forces, again, acting in self-defense effectively returned fire, neutralizing the threat,” said Forget. “There were no injuries as a result of these engagements.”

WATCH ABOVE: Department of Defence updates the nation on anti-ISIS campaign

Forget emphasized the risk to Canadian special operations forces “remains low” but “does not mean no risk,” and said CF-18 jetfighters conducted 12 additional air strikes in support of Iraqi forces preparing to liberate Mosul, the country’s second largest city.

When asked by Global News reporter Vassy Kapelos if further exchanges of gunfire might indicate risk has indeed increased, Forget replied: “It’s not for me to speculate on that.”

WATCH ABOVE: NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and Minister of National Defence Rob Nicholson got into a heated exchange Monday in the House of Commons over reports that Canadian forces have twice in the past week engaged ISIS militants in direct combat

Opposition parties have expressed concern over what they believe is “mission creep” in Iraq, since the firefights were made public last week. The government maintains that was strictly in self-defence but Liberals and New Democrats see it as proof that the mission, which they opposed, has expanded.

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  • Canadian special forces returned fire with ISIS in Iraq last week


Sep 16 2019

Wynne to meet election officials over claims of byelection misconduct

WATCH: Alan Carter reports that Premiere Wynne will meet with Elections Ontario about the misconduct claims during the Sudbury byelection.

TORONTO – Premier Kathleen Wynne and a senior Liberal official will meet with Elections Ontario this week in an investigation into claims of improper behaviour in a byelection.

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Wynne asked Andrew Olivier, the Liberals’ candidate in Sudbury, Ont., in last June’s general election, not to seek the nomination for the Feb. 5 byelection there because she had another preferred candidate.

Olivier has alleged that the Liberals offered him a job or appointment in exchange for his stepping aside for Glenn Thibeault, who left his job as an NDP MP to run for the provincial Liberals.

The Ontario New Democrats asked Elections Ontario to investigate, pointing to the Election Act, which makes it an offence to promise a job or appointment to induce a person to withdraw their candidacy.

This week, Elections Ontario will meet with Wynne and Ontario Liberal campaign director Pat Sorbara, the Liberal party said in a statement Monday.

Wynne said Monday she is “pleased” Elections Ontario is moving forward.

“We knew that there had been a request, we knew that there had been some concerns,” she said.

“We’ve been very clear about what the interaction was, that there were no specific offers made in requests for any specific action, that many of the allegations that have been made by the opposition parties are false and so I’m pleased that Elections Ontario is going to move ahead and get this dealt with.”

Olivier, who is quadriplegic and records conversations in lieu of taking notes, released audio of his talks with two Liberals, including Sorbara. Wynne has said she doesn’t know if her conversation with Olivier was recorded too, but if so, any audio would confirm what she has said all along, that they were encouraging Olivier to stay involved with the party, but no specific offers or commitments were made.

The Liberals say Olivier’s recordings vindicate them, as they were discussing ways Olivier could remain involved in the party or with accessibility work, but only after he was already told he wouldn’t be the candidate.

In one of the recordings he posted to YouTube, a man he identified as Gerry Lougheed, a Liberal and chairman of Sudbury’s police services board, says he is there on behalf of the premier to ask if he would consider stepping aside and nominating Thibeault, and telling Olivier they want to give him options “in terms of appointments, jobs or whatever.”

Lougheed is neither a government nor Liberal staff member and speaks for himself, the premier’s office has said.

In a statement to local media, Lougheed said that he does not have the authority to offer jobs and “at no time” did he promise Olivier a job or appointment if he stepped aside.

Sorbara called Olivier the next day and suggested Wynne had all but decided to appoint Thibeault as the candidate in favour of an open nomination race.

“We should have the broader discussion about what is it that you’d be most interested in doing, then decide what shape that could take that would fulfil that, is what I’m getting at, whether it’s a full-time or part-time job at a (constituency) office, whether it is appointments to boards or commissions, whether it is also going on the (party executive),” Sorbara said.

The Ontario Provincial Police concluded the Liberals did nothing criminal, but the force is reviewing new information since the recordings came to light.

Olivier is now running in the byelection as an independent.

The Sudbury seat was vacated in November by New Democrat Joe Cimino, who resigned after just five months as a member of provincial parliament. The seat was previously a long-held Liberal riding and Sorbara told Olivier the premier is desperate – “desperate in a good way” – to get it back.


Sep 16 2019

Former Wildrose MLA Joe Anglin seeking re-election as Progressive Conservative

EDMONTON – Independent MLA Joe Anglin has announced he’ll be seeking nomination to run for re-election as a Progressive Conservative. The Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre MLA left the Wildrose last November and has sat as an independent since.

Anglin said he made the decision to run for the PCs after holding a number of town hall meetings, and listening to constituents.

The MLA also cited Premier Jim Prentice’s willingness to protect landowner rights as a key reason in his decision.

“The issue of Bill-36 still needs to be addressed. The province is also facing difficult economic times, and constituents have indicated to me they want someone with experience to represent them in the legislature,” Anglin said.

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When he left the Wildrose, Anglin said his decision was based on the party losing focus on its original mission of creating a true grassroots party. He added the party and its leadership were in crisis.

READ MORE: Wildrose MLA Joe Anglin leaves party to sit as an independent

Danielle Smith – Wildrose leader at the time – believed Anglin was secretly recording caucus meetings, although she admitted not having proof.

“There was some concern that whatever we said in full, frank discussion was potentially being recorded,” said Smith.

In December, Smith was one of nine Wildrose MLAs who crossed the floor to join the PCs. The defection left the Wildrose with five MLAs, the same number as the Liberals.

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At the time Anglin said he felt “like the pretty girl at the dance without a date,” implying he could determine who was the Official Opposition.

Despite the comment, he chose to stay independent. Anglin’s decision to now run as a PC creates the possibility that he and Smith will once again be members of the same party.

The nomination vote will be held on February 21. Earlier this month, PC party executive director Kelley Charlebois announced that the party struck a committee to oversee nominations and plans to have 35 nominated candidates in place by Feb. 21.

By law, Alberta is to hold an election during a three-month window in the spring of 2016, but Premier Jim Prentice hasn’t ruled out taking voters to the polls a year early.


Sep 16 2019

Saskatoon police investigating shooting, stabbing – Saskatoon

SASKATOON – Police have two separate, and unrelated, weapon investigations underway. The first involves a stabbing Sunday afternoon and the second a shooting Monday morning.

In the first investigation, Saskatoon police were called to the 700-block of 20th Street West around 5 p.m. Sunday for a report of an injured man. Officers found a 29-year-old man with stab wounds to his abdomen and right forearm.

He was taken to hospital by paramedics in stable condition.

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The second investigation was launched after a man fired a shot at a residence in the 1000-block of Patrick Crescent around 7:45 a.m. Police say the man then fled in a white SUV.

Investigators believe both incidents are not random in nature.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Saskatoon police at 306-975-8300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.



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