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May 16 2019

Lizard Squad claims responsibility for hacking Malaysia Airlines website – National

TORONTO – Malaysia Airlines’ website has been restored following a cyber-attack that saw the homepage littered with statements showing support for the Islamic State and mocking the airline for the disappearance of flight MH370.

Early Monday morning, the airline’s site was changed to display a message that read “404 – Plane not Found” with a picture of a lizard in a top hat and tuxedo smoking a pipe – the mascot of the well-known hacking group Lizard Squad.

The browser tab for the website said “ISIS will prevail.”

Later, the website was again alerted to remove the ISIS reference and add a link to Lizard Squad’s 桑拿会所 account.

According to a statement posted on Malaysia Airlines’ Facebook page, users were being re-directed to a hacker website when they tried to access the 成都夜生活malaysiaairlines成都夜网 URL.

“At this stage, Malaysia Airlines’ web servers are intact,” read the statement. “The airline has resolved the issue with its service provider and the system is expected to be fully recovered within 22 hours.”

Malaysia Airlines said the incident was a “temporary glitch” that didn’t affect passenger bookings. The airline maintains user data “remains secured.”

But Lizard Squad has accused Malaysia Airlines of lying, claiming it did indeed steal data from the airline’s website.

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The hackers have threatened to release some of the data.

At this point it’s unclear why Lizard Squad may have targeted the airline.

Lizard Squad has become a notable hacker group, due to its ability to take down large gaming networks using Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Most recently the group took responsibility for crippling Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox network on Christmas Day.

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Last August the group also gained the attention of the FBI after causing an American Airlines flight carrying Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley to divert after tweeting that there were explosives on the plane.

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May 16 2019

Shoppers Drug Mart targeted in southeast smash and grab – Calgary

CALGARY – Police say a Shoppers Drug Mart in McKenzie Towne suffered an estimated $60,000 worth of damage during an attempted smash and grab robbery on Monday.

Officers were called to the drug store in the 600 block of McKenzie Towne Drive S.E. around 1:30 a.m.

A witness told police they saw a Ford F-350 back into the front of the store, going right through a metal security gate and slamming into a checkout counter.

The witness says three men then began loading goods onto the truck, but the vehicle became struck as they tried to drive away.

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  • ATM pried open at southwest smash-and-grab

  • Vehicle slams through doors at Max Bell Centre

The suspects left the scene in a second vehicle, described as a silver car.

Police have seized the truck that was left behind by the suspects as part of their investigation.

They say both vehicles had British Columbia license plates.

So far, officers have not released any suspect descriptions.

However, one of the managers at the drug store says they do have surveillance cameras set up throughout their location.

“We do have video, we’ll have a look at it,” said Manager Tom Timmons.

The store opened to the public on Monday morning, with boards covering the front side that was damaged during the break-in.

“We’ll get this mess cleaned up here, we’ll get all the new fixtures ordered and so forth, and hopefully we’ll be up and running normal as soon as possible,” adds Timmons.

Monday’s incident is the third attempted smash and grab in Calgary this year.

On January 16th, investigators were called to a southwest Instaloans location after thieves drove a vehicle into the side of the building and pried open an ATM.

Two weeks before, officers were called to the Max Bell Centre after suspects drove a minivan through the front doors of the arena and attempted to dislodge an ATM.

May 16 2019

Speedway owner must pay $30,000 in penalties for St. Boniface fire – Winnipeg

WATCH: Fireball rises over Winnipeg following 2012 Speedway International explosion.

WINNIPEG — The owner of Speedway International has been fined $4,800 plus $25,000 restitution in connection with the spectacular explosion in St. Boniface in 2012.

Royce Rostecki pleaded guilty Monday to six of eight bylaw infractions for improper operation and storage of chemicals; two infractions were stayed.

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The Crown and defence lawyers agreed on a joint recommendation of a $800 fine for each offence, for a total of $4,800. Rostecki also has to pay $25,000 restitution to cover costs incurred by the Winnipeg fire department.

WATCH: Speedway International fire footage

The Oct. 1, 2012, fire at Speedway International caused an explosion that sent a massive fireball into the air, forcing the evacuation of the surrounding area, including approximately 100 homes. It cost fire crews just over $31,000 to fight.

Gord Steeves, Rostecki’s lawyer, said “the cause of the fire was an act of God.”

Rostecki used chemicals such as methanol to make windshield washer fluid; however, Steeves said the fire started during the making of biodiesel using canola oil and methanol.

Rostecki had all the proper permits and the city knew what chemicals were in his shop, Steeves said.

“There’s nothing being hidden here,” said Steeves.

But Rostecki did not comply with several bylaws, such as having a fence around his property and having a ditch surround the rail car used to store chemicals.

Rostecki appeared relaxed as he sat next to his lawyer in court.

The Judge has yet to rule on the joint recommendation.

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May 16 2019

Wear Red Day across Canada to honor fallen RCMP officer – Halifax

HALIFAX – It’s a sad day across the country as we say a final good-bye to a fallen RCMP officer on Monday.

Constable David Wynn passed away last Wednesday, four days after being shot in St. Albert, Alberta. To mark his passing, the group Spouses of the RCMP are asking people to wear red today to show their support.

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This is the second time the Spouses of the RCMP have made this request. The first time was last June, when three mounties died in a Moncton shooting spree. Red was worn across the country and around the world for their funerals. The group is hoping for the same today.

A regimental funeral will be held Monday in St. Albert, the small Alberta community where Constable David Wynn died while on duty.

A woman living in Nunavut, with ties to Nova Scotia has organized a campaign to get the world to wear red today. Krysta Erickson is married to an RCMP officer. She’s just one of many spouses hoping to raise awareness.

“The wear red campaign was started by a facebook group called ‘Spouses of the RCMP’”, says Erickson. “It is a group that obviously provides support for spouses of the RCMP. It was created originally in June of 2014 for the Moncton tragedy to show the support of everyone, really.”

Erickson says it grew not only across Canada but worldwide, with people wearing red in honour of fallen Mounties.

“Red was selected because in a time of mourning our boys and girls wear their red surges,” says Erickson. “It’s often referred to as a sea of red and the idea behind it was that when they’re standing and marching, they’re not alone – they can look around in the crowd and see others wearing red and know that they’re supported.”

Its hoped 80,000 people will get on board and get involved. Erickson says the red in the crowd was quite visable at the funeral for the Moncton RCMP officers last June and she’d like to see that again.

“It’s just such a heart-warming experience to see that and to know that people heard our message,” says Erickson. “Our goal is that hopefully officer Wynn’s wife and children can look around and see all the red shirts and know that the sacrifice made is much appreciated.”

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Cst. Wynn once worked as a paramedic in Bridgewater, NS. RCMP in the area will broadcast his funeral live at the Best Western in Bridgewater. The funeral procession starts at 4:00 p.m. Atlantic time. Sgt. Al Leblanc says doors open to the public at 3:30 p.m.

Kevin Davison will sing at Wynn’s funeral today. The two worked together in Bridgewater as paramedics.

WATCH: Kevin Davison performs PTSD tribute song on The Morning News

May 16 2019

Johnny Depp crime caper ‘Mortdecai’ flops on opening weekend

TORONTO — Johnny Depp’s crime caper Mortdecai bombed at the box office on its opening weekend, taking in only $4 million to finish in ninth place, according to studio estimates.

The flop means Depp hasn’t top-lined a movie that made more than $100 million domestically since 2011’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

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  • What the critics are saying: ‘The Boy Next Door’

In the U.S. and Canada, The Rum Diary made a paltry $13 million; Dark Shadows did $80 million; The Lone Ranger managed $89 million; and Transcendence earned $23 million.

Mortdecai, in fact, was Depp’s worst opening since Pirates.

The weekend’s other disappointment was Strange Magic, an animated fantasy co-written and executive produced by George Lucas. It made an estimated $5.5 million.

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In first place for the second consecutive weekend was the Clint Eastwood-directed American Sniper starring Bradley Cooper, which added $64 million. Since its Christmas Day release, the war drama has grossed an impressive $248 million worldwide.

The campy Jennifer Lopez thriller The Boy Next Door opened to $15 million to place No. 2.

The rest of the top five consisted of Paddington ($12 million), The Wedding Ringer ($11.6 million) and Taken 3 ($7.6 million).

Jennifer Aniston’s acclaimed Cake opened in limited release and earned just over $1 million.

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